Intellian Technologies® is the world’s technological leader in manufacturing a wide range of mobile satellite communication systems. In partnering with the leading global marine electronics manufacturers, dealers, and distributors around the world, Intellian has built a unique and dependable product.


Intellian Technologies has established its name with its introduction of the self-contained satellite antenna system, which provides access to high quality Satellite TV system in the open sea, even in the roughest weather conditions. With integrated DVB technology, the Intellian Satellite TV antenna is ideal for virtually all vessels. The system automatically identifies, acquires, and tracks satellite signals from all DVB-compatible satellites. With high-speed tracking, users will have non-stop access to their favorite channels.


Intellian i-series


The i-series Marine Satellite Antennas are some of the most technologically advanced, dependable, and easy to use marine grade, in motion, television antennas in the world. The i-series line of products are designed for boat owners who want to watch satellite television, even HDTV, on their vessel while it is tied to a dock or voyaging in rough conditions.

Intellian s-series


The s-Series marine satellite TV systems enable simultaneous reception from all three DirecTV satellites providing HDTV reception and DVR compatibility for a truly “just like home” experience. Additionally, everyone aboard the vessel can watch different channels on multiple receivers at the same time.

Intellian t-series


The Intellian t-Series are designed to go anywhere, in any weather condition, solution to watch satellite television programs anywhere in the world.  Ideal for larger offshore vessels, megayachts and commercial ships, Intellian’s WorldView™ enabled t-Series antennas feature groundbreaking 3-axis stabilized design for all regions around the globe.That is why the t-Series lineup is marine-grade antennas which receive a steady satellite signal reception even in the harshest conditions.


Satellite TV Accessories

Industry-Leading accessories backed by same unrivaled innovations in mobile satellite communication technology.