WASSP enables seabed profiling at up to 100 times the speed of conventional single-beam echo-sounders, with improved accuracy and significantly reduced cost.


WASSP multibeam sonar technology gives you the power to really see what’s below your boat. It offers unparalleled accuracy, resolution and versatility in a cost-effective package suitable for vessels of every size.


WASSP delivers greater accuracy Wassp multibeam sonars accurately profile the water column and seafloor highlighting reefs, wrecks, fish schools, seafloor hardness changes and foreign objects in the water column or on the seafloor.


To further improve WASSP performance, GPS compass, roll, pitch and heading, and sound speed inputs can be interfaced to improve seafloor-profiling accuracy. Plug and Play versatility with leading software manufactures


WASSP systems have been designed to seamlessly integrate with leading software suites, depending on the WASSP system you are working with. WASSP can integrate with navigational suites such as Olex, Sodena as well as hydrographic software suites such as QINSy and HYPACK.